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    Nokia_BB5KING_v108 Empty Nokia_BB5KING_v108

    Post by Linovic on Thu Dec 04, 2008 7:41 pm

    What is new:
    - Added Lock to any network option (work even on locked phones to change MCC+MNC).
    - Added list with operators to help in MCC+MNC autoselection when locking phones.
    - Embedded Applet Activation button inside BB5KING software (no more required to use BB5 King Activator).
    - Added option for Long Delay at power-up phone (usefull for RAPIDO phones).
    - Now Check Connection test both FBUS Serial and FBUS Flash modes on connected phone.
    - Only 'Automatic' on device list now - program select first find interface box (JAF or UFS).

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