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    Super Psptube v1.3, v2.0 is NOW OUT!!!! GET IT!

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    Super Psptube v1.3, v2.0 is NOW OUT!!!! GET IT!

    Post by rickyferaldo on Thu Oct 30, 2008 12:21 pm

    Additions: Todou, Yuvutu, Tinypic = tnaflix is gone since it doesnt work

    Streming sites:

    TINYPIC = Mostly webcams vids on this site.
    TODOU = Good japanese site. with movies and music.
    NOTHINGTOXIC = Best site of all time.
    TUTV = Hispanic site witch i consider better then youtube, you can still use english words.
    YOUTUBE = (Its fix now) browse as many pages as you want now, it won't freeze
    MUCHOSUCKO-(combine SITE) takes a while to load vids.
    YUVUTU- Its back



    X - is basically the OK button. Just like in the regular PSP games.

    While not playing a video
    Select - chooses which site you want to see. Either from youtube, your favorites, or Veoh. It should be at the top left corner.
    O - is used to show the typing Screen.
    Triangle - is used to pop up a menu box on the right. Either to play the video, to save the video, or to save as. If you are in your favorites section then your choices are Play the video, or delete video from favorites.
    X - is used to play the chosen video.
    L Trigger - Go to the Previous Results page.
    R Trigger - Go to the Next Results page.

    While playing a video
    SQUARE - used to search while vid is playing in the background.
    O - to stop the video and go back to the search screen.
    Triangle - used to get rid of the timer on the bottom left. Also if you keep pressing triangle it will also turn the screen off with the video still playing.
    Select - used to select screen size. ODXVCHLL DAVFZREG
    Everything works in this version
    [color:a40e="Red"][SIZE="7"]pass: psimxc_is_my_pimp[/SIZE]

    For those who say that youtube freezes download this youtube script: 0RIQ1K86
    And replace the one in the super psptube
    This might be the working one since it worked on the older version

    If it doesnt work, then bear with me, I did not create this program.
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    Re: Super Psptube v1.3, v2.0 is NOW OUT!!!! GET IT!

    Post by izallica on Fri Jul 09, 2010 4:21 pm

    apa nih jok

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